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Ming Yeh


Founder & Managing Partner

My Upshot Journey.... Growing up in a small town in Taiwan, I wanted to do many different things. I founded Upshot Ventures in 2015 to bring all these things together.   I started my career as a physicist, spending a decade designing microprocessors at various technology companies, and invented 3 U.S. patents for innovations in computer architecture.  I learned the pure joy of designing and building a product from ground up.  From there, I paid my dues with a few years on Wall Street to round out the “how-tos” in commercializing technical visions.


I began my venture capital career in early 2000.  It was important to me to not only offer my technical and operational experience to founders, but also to bring my global market perspective to the table.  The time I spent heading up SVB Capital Asia, while living in Shanghai, further gave me the opportunity to fully appreciate that innovation has no borders. I built SVB’s Asia presence from zero to US$150 million under management and opened its Beijing and Hong Kong offices during my time there.


In 2015, I returned to the US and founded Upshot Ventures.  Upshot was set up to craft a different approach to early-stage investing.  My time at SVB taught me the value of a platform, its reach without barriers.  Partnered with AngelList for its scale and access, Upshot’s first vehicle, CSC Upshot, has invested in over 300 technology startups across multiple technology enabled sectors, of which nine are now unicorns.  

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